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Nature's Generator is a 1800W Portable Solar Generator that allows you a free and easy way to generate electricity for everyday and emergency use.The system consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, multiple charging controller (AC input, Solar Panel input, and Wind Turbine input have their own controller), and a 1800W Pure Sane Wave inverter, a state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12-Volt to normal, everyday household electricity. Low maintenance costs: Nature's generator does not require monthly maintenance. Keep plugged in or recharge every 4 months of non-use, and you don't have to worry about sudden power outages.Clean and quiet operation: Unlike gas generators, Nature's generator doesn?t have any moving parts. This significantly reduces the amount of noise they produce while running.Renewable energy from the sun and wind: Nature's generator provides you the ability to harness renewable energy from the sun and wind (Solar panels and Wind turbines are sold separately)

Price: $562.49 from Natures Generator Inc.

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