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Image of Globe Outdoor String Lights, UL Listed, Warm White,32FT G40

Globe Outdoor String Lights, UL Listed, Warm White,32FT G40

32ft Led Globe String Light Energy Efficiency: The Quntis LED Globe String Lights are energy-efficient lights that can reduce electricity bills by 90%. The lights are made with 20AWG wire and consume only 1W of power per bulb, making them highly efficient and long-lasting with a service life of up to 40,000 hours. Connectivity: These lights are connectable, and you can connect up to 20 strings together, making them ideal for large events and parties. The lights come with an 8ft extension cord, so you won't be restricted by the socket. The lights are also designed with parallel connections, so even if one bulb goes out, the rest of the lights will stay lit. Durability: Quntis LED Globe String Lights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy snow, rain, and wind. The lights are made with flexible heavy-duty wire and commercial-grade bulbs, making them suitable for all-year-round indoor and outdoor use. The lights are also IP65 waterproof, and the UL certification ensures quality and safety. Easy Installation: Installing the lights is simple, with a clip on each bulb that can be easily attached to a branch or nail. The lights are designed for plug and play, so you can easily connect multiple strings together for use. The warm 2300K color of the lights creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for outdoor gatherings, dinner parties, or romantic evenings. Customer Support: The lights come with a solid package that includes an instruction manual and three spare light bulbs. If you have any questions or issues with the lights, the friendly customer support team is available to help. With Quntis LED Globe String Lights, you can enjoy a wonderful evening and romantic dinner in a warm and inviting atmosphere, while reducing your electricity bill and saving energy. Product information: Wire length: 32ft Socket distance: 1ft Grade of waterproof: IP65 Warm color: 2300K Rated average life: 30000h Input voltage: 120V

Price: $36.99 from Quntis

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