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Image of Black Lace Sheer Bralette Bra - Venus - S

Black Lace Sheer Bralette Bra - Venus - S

Put the Venus Black Lace Bralette Bra in your orbit if you're looking for a gorgeous design. Enjoy a web of black lace that is bordered by a layer of beige tulle. This black bralette offers deliciously subtle support that lifts your bust and creates gorgeous definition. Its triangle-shaped cups are designed to create natural-looking cleavage. Features: imported, fully adjustable straps, no underwires, front closure, made in Europe, Be Glamour collection, S (Fits sizes: 30D, 32C, 34B), M (Fits sizes: 32D, 34C, 36B), L (Fits sizes: 34D, 36C, 38B), XL (Fits sizes: 36D, 38C, 40B), lace and tulle, Sizes: S: Fits sizes: 30D, 32C, 34B. M: Fits sizes: 32D, 34C, 36B. L: Fits sizes: 34D, 36C, 38B. XL: Fits sizes: 36D, 38C, 40B. This is a perfect bra for wearing v-shaped necks and low-cut tops because the middle portion is bare. The two cups are joined by a very simple clasp in the middle. The bra's front closure makes getting this lovely piece of lingerie off and on so simple. A set of adjustable straps ensures that you can play around to make sure everything falls just where you want it to. The Venus Black Lace Bralette Bra will draw you in with its unique design and intricate web of black lace. This bra is amazing because it can be worn under so many different types of clothing to create a seamless silhouette that will have everyone questioning if you're going bare. The bra's cups offer support using a unique triangulation that allows your bust to sit completely naturally. You'll appreciate the way this design gently separates and supports your bust. This design features front closure that makes getting your bra off and on so simple. The bra also features adjustable straps that give you instant control over how you'd like everything to sit. This comes in handy when you're wearing low-cut tops and you need to make sure that everything is right where it should be. You'll adore the way the shape of this bra allows you to wear a variety of shirts, tops and dresses without worrying that your bra will be seen. This bra is designed using impeccable craftsmanship and soft, durable fabric. You'll love the way the bra's fabric is so resilient. There simply isn't a better bra out there for women who hate to wear bras. You'll never feel bogged down by this lightweight, delicate design. The way that this bra allows your bust to move naturally is something that is truly unique in the lingerie world today. Go ahead and wear this bra as your daily support system or keep it reserved for those times when you wear your favorite dress with a plunging neckline. You can create an amazing look by wearing this bra with the matching Venus Black Sheer Tulle Cheeky Panties. The great thing about putting these two pieces together is that you can enjoy supportive undergarments that give the illusion of going bare.

Price: $32.00 from Lacy Hint

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