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Image of Black Lace Corset - Miamor Set - S/M

Black Lace Corset - Miamor Set - S/M

Black lace corset in a set with lacy thongs. From Obsessive's Sexy Collection. Amazes with soft fabrics and wonderfully slimming fit. Deep V-cut on the back. Soft boning shapes the waist comfortably, while quality stretch lace loves your body with no limits! Features: imported, thongs included, made in Europe, slimming design, soft boning, open back, shiny and soft fabrics, buttons, Shimmer, shine and sizzle for your lover when you strut your stuff in this sexy sheer lingerie. Miamor black lace corset features beautiful and rich fabrics with different textures, but blend perfectly together. The shiny material glistens like a star canvassed in the dark of a midnight sky. Much like the mystery of a darkened sky, you will be a mystery that your partner is craving to solve. Let them start their investigation by discovering the hidden clues you have beneath this luxurious corset. The soft boned corset has ornamental vertical buttons that gives it a snug and perfect fit. The shimmering material of the lace corset compliments the soft lace details. The halter-style lace neckline has an exotic and sophisticated floral pattern, which continues to the plunging vee back design. The front neck has an open cleavage area and a dainty small button closure. The scalloped lace hem of the cleavage will emphasize the hidden treasures that your beloved will be itching to discover. The fitted and tight fashion in this sexy sheer lingerie will mold to your figure, displaying your curves in just the right way. This soft boned corset helps smooth unwanted bulges and gently shapes your figure to the best of your advantage. The lace scalloped hem is a magnificent floral pattern, with an elaborate display of superior needlework craftsmanship. The back's fitted lacing will help you minimize your waistline, while you can still feel comfortable and unrestricted every time you want to show off your dangerous side. The laces tie at the bottom of the back of the corset and ready for your private eye to unwrap and discover the gift you have for him. The matching thongs fit as perfect as the black lace corset and looks just as beautiful. Your derriere's curves are displayed like a priceless piece of artwork, showing exactly off your luscious and alluring charms. The thongs front panel is adorned with a miniature replica of the ornameantal vertical buttons on the corset. These thongs will have your detective working overtime in trying to discover the mysteries of your body. If you want to add a bit of mystery and excitemeant to your love life, this sexy sheer lingerie will put you on the top list of your lover's Most Wanted list! Available in sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL.

Price: $52.00 from Lacy Hint

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