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Image of 6 In 1 40K Cellulite Reduction Machine

6 In 1 40K Cellulite Reduction Machine

How does 6 In 1 40K Cellulite Reduction Machine Work? Through the collective strong sound wave head, a 40khz strong sound wave is emitted, which vibrates the fat cells at the fastest speed, produces a large number of vacuum airbags inside and outside the fat cells, strongly impacts the fat cells, generates an introverted shock wave and decomposes triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then, the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids are expelled through the hepato-enteric circulation with a 1MHZ frequency RF wave. Finally, a vacuum RF and an energy electrode are used to locate and tighten the fat. In physics, this is called "cavitation". The micropores explode inside and outside the cells, which may lead to increased molecular movement and increased energy levels, which will eventually lead to the rupture of fat cells, thereby achieving the effect of fitness and weight loss. Why Choose The 6IN1 Cellulite Reduction Machine? - fat dissolving- Tighten and strengthen skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation, and lifting- Remove fine wrinkles and smooth shrink pores- Lymphatic drainage, promoting metabolism and blood circulation- Contour and repair post-pregnancy scar What Problem Can Be Solved By Cellulite Reduction Machine? - Firm the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles and reshape the body figure.- Improve and treat the orange peel-like fatty tissues of different serious levels.- With the effects of soothing, decompression, and relieving pain (such as joint pain, and sciatica), promoting the regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, quickly relieving stress, and eliminating fatigue.- Tighten, lift, and firm the skin, and shape the face.- Circulates and activates cells to promote metabolism, thereby obtaining 100% collagen and elastic fibers, improving facial and body skin. How Many Unoisetion Treatments Are Needed? Each treatment lasts about 30 to 50 minutes. We recommend doing it every 72 hours to allow enough time to completely remove fat from the body.Although you can have up to 12 sessions, most customers will do anything between 8 and 12 times before they can achieve the desired result. Specifications Uoisetion 40K Cavitation HandleFrequency:40KHzPower:30WSextupolar 3D RF Handle for Body Freqeuncy:1MHzPower:65WQuadrupole 3D RF Handle for Face and BodyFreqeuncy:1MHzPower:60WThree-pole 3D RF Handle for a faceFreqeuncy:1MHzPower:35WVacuum Biploar 3D RF HandleFreqeuncy:1MHzPower:70WVacuum: <-73 kPaAirflow: >10L minuteNoise level: <60dB (30cm away)LED PadsPower: 5 mWProduct Size (when installed): 10.2 x 15 x 8.6 in. (26 x 38 x 22 cm)Package Size: 13 x 12 x 10 in. (33 x 31 x 26 cm)Net Weight: 5.5 kgGross Weight : 6.2 kgInput Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60HzDisplay: Touch Screen Package Listing  1 x Unoisetion 40KHz Cavitation Handle1 x Vacuum Bipolar RF Handle1 x Three pole RF Handle for Face 1 x Quadrupole RF Handle for Face and Body1 x Sextupolar RF Handle for Body2 x Small LED pads 6 x Big LED pads 1 Set of Belts1 x Power Cord [Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) versions are available. Also we stock the USA, UK, AU, EU plug to suit the country all over the world.)]      

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