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Image of 4 In 1 S Shape Cavitation Machine For Professional Use

4 In 1 S Shape Cavitation Machine For Professional Use

Advantages of 4 In 1 S Shape Cavitation Machine • Elevate Body Contouring Services to the Next Level: Upgrade your body sculpting services with our cutting-edge 4-in-1 S Shape Cavitation machine; achieve remarkable body shaping results that will leave your clients amazed and satisfied.• Rapid Return on Investment: Reap the rewards of your investment in just 10 client sessions; watch your profits grow as you provide top-tier body contouring services.• Tailored Body Contouring Experiences: Customize treatments with adjustable cavitation frequencies, catering to diverse client needs; boost client satisfaction and attract more business, ultimately increasing your earnings.• Sleek and User-Friendly Design: Enhance the aesthetics of your salon with our stylish stand-type machine; effortless operation through intuitive controls ensures a seamless treatment experience for both you and your clients.• Confidence in Your Purchase: Access installation and operation videos; enjoy a 365-day warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee; experience fast delivery within 3-5 working days via UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Elevate your beauty business today – click the Buy Now button and set a new standard in body contouring services! 4 In 1 S Shape Cavitation Machine Product Functions ① Contour Localized Body PartsOur machine utilizes advanced ultrasonic cavitation technology, harnessing high-frequency sound waves to precisely sculpt specific body areas. With handpieces operating at 30 kHz, 50 kHz, and 80 kHz, it offers precise and tailored body sculpting. Besides, LED (Light Emitting Diode) pads utilize specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin, which also helps with body sculpting and skin tightening. It represents a non-invasive and secure approach to body contouring.② Tighten Loose Skin and Improve Skin TextureIn addition to its cavitation function, the machine offers a radiofrequency (RF) feature with a frequency of 1 MHz. The RF technology delivers controlled heat to the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. As a result, it tightens loose skin, enhances skin elasticity, and improves overall skin texture.③ Boost Circulatory HealthThe suction function not only aids in body sculpting but also enhances circulatory health. Improved circulation helps the body eliminate toxins and excess fluids more efficiently, contributing to healthier skin and reduced swelling. In the Box 1 x Main Machine1 x Cavi 30k/50k & RF Handpiece1 x Cavi 80k Handpiece1 x RF & Suction Handpiece6 x LED Pad1 x Power Cord2 x Fuse1 x Filter1 Set of Strap 4 In 1 S Shape Cavitation Machine Technical Specifications  Cavi 30k/50k & RF HandpieceFrequency of Ultrasonic Cavitation: 30 kHz & 50 kHzFrequency of RF: 1 MHzCavi 80k HandpieceFrequency: 80 kHzRF & Suction HandpieceFrequency: 1 MHzPower: 80 WSuction: -73 kPa ( -55 cm Hg)Airflow: 10 l/minNoise Level (30 cm away): ≤60 dBLED PadsPower: 160 mWWavelength: 650 nmProduct Size: 134 x 51 x 44 cm (53 x 20 x 17 in.)Package Size: 118 x 58 x 49 cm (46 x 23 x 19 in.)Net Weight: 32 kg (71 lb.)Gross Weight: 55 kg (121 lb.) Frequently asked questions Q: What does the S Shape Cavitation Machine do?A: The S Shape Cavitation Machine is a high-quality beauty device specifically crafted for body contouring and skin tightening. It harnesses cutting-edge technologies, including cavitation, radiofrequency, vacuum, and LED energy, to target specific body areas, lift and tighten skin, and enhance circulatory health.Q: Do I need certification to operate the S Shape cavitation machine?A: Since it is a non-invasive procedure primarily used for body sculpting rather than medical treatment, federal licensing is not required because it is not regulated by the government. However, we recommend checking with your state for any specific local requirements before launching your business.Q: Who can benefit from using this machine?A: This machine is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their body shape, diminish cellulite, firm up loose skin, and improve skin texture. It is a popular choice among beauty salons, spas, and clinics for providing effective and non-invasive body sculpting treatments.Q: Where can I use the machine on the body, and where should I avoid it?A: You can safely target body areas like the upper arms, waist, abdomen, and thighs. However, it is not suitable for use on the head, neck, chest, or back.Q: Are the treatments safe and comfortable?A: Absolutely, the treatments administered using our machine are both safe and comfortable. Clients may feel a mild, soothing warmth during radiofrequency and cavitation sessions.Q: Is the machine easy to use and maintain?A: Indeed, the machine has been designed with user-friendliness as a priority. Its controls are intuitive, and maintenance is simple. Routine cleaning and servicing will help maintain its longevity and optimal performance.                

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